Tips for web developers in Namibia

Over the years, learned some important tips from my time working as a web developer at Namibias largets privete media company NMH (Republikein, AZ, Namibian Sun) and then some exprecien working at the National Brocaster of Namibia(NBC) news website. Those are probaly the biggest websites one can manage interms of daily trafic and unqie visitors . Im my opinion the most critical element in being a web dveloper / webmaster is  theuser experince. Any user coming to your website will want to have fast oading page and an end result that leaves the user wanting to come back again due to the impression they got about your website. Today ill share my bible of things to note when developing or improving an online system/ webste.

  • I will gzip all server responses.

  • I will not include any blocking scripts.

  • I will use SVGs instead of JPGs, wherever possible.

  • I will not include ads, even ones that request users to join groups or lists on Facebook or Twitter.

  • I will debounce scroll events.

  • I will not include third party JavaScript libraries just to detect if users are part of my “Just Cool Friends” Facebook group, even if it wouldn’t take up that much extra load time.

  • I will ignore “the fold” – no matter what the client says.

  • I will resist the urge to use window.alert to inform visitors that there’s a Facebook group for cool friends and if they wanna join it, that’s fine, it only takes a few clicks.

  • I will not use translate3d as a hack.

  • I will use a CDN to serve static content (with no cookies!).

  • I will minify all of my CSS.

Consider this your little bible next time you are developning or consulting on a website.